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飛輪海 || Fahrenheit icontest!

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Select Members , Moderated
An icontest community dedicated to Fahrenheit;;

Hey there! Welcome to frh_icontest; a community based on Fahrenheit where you sumbit icons without animation :D meaning its completely still. There are 3 places; 1st , 2nd , 3rd and also the rotating special categories. How this works is you submit an icon and people vote for it. Depending how many votes you got you go by the ranks I just explained.

Moderator(s) & Maintainer(s)

Banner Maker
To apply, please PM the application to chinatown

Graphics People
To apply, please PM the application to chinatown

1;; NO animation is allowed in your icon.
2;; All Icons must be Farenheit related.
3;; All icons submitted must be of the Livejournal Standard. (100x100px, 40kb)
4;; You must be a member to submit an icon.
5;; Non-members are not allowed to vote.
6;; DO NOT vote for your own icon.
7;; Do not show your submission icon to anyone else until AFTER the voting.
8;; Do not take any of the icons unless you have asked first. Make sure you give proper credit.
9;; Respect all Members, Maintainers, and Moderators.
10;; No stealing other peoples' icons and claiming them as your own.
11;; All icons must be made SPECIFICALLY for this contest. No reusing icons from another challenge/contest.
12;; No bashing other peoples' icons.

The submitting times will be from Monday (after the theme has been posted) to Friday. You will have until 9:00 PM on Friday to submit your icon! The icon you submit must relate to the theme. You are allowed to submit two icons for one theme, just one icon for two themes, or one icon for each theme.

How to submit: When submitting please put your icon submission, and the URL of your icon.


Voting will be posted on Saturday morning and you will have until Sunday 9:00pm to submit your vote. The Winners will hopefully be posted on either Sunday at 9 or Monday depending on which mod is doing it.

When voting for an icon please, DO NOT vote for your icon. Depending on how many icons we receive will determine how many you can vote for. In the voting post we will specify how many you may vote for (including special category). If you've already voted for an icon you CAN vote for it again as special category

When voting please put the numbers that you wish to vote for. The last number you put should be your vote for special category.


1st: #3
2nd: #7
3rd: #1
SC: #2

Each week there will be a special category posted by the mods.

Best Cropping: The icon that you feel has the best cropping, and use of space.
Most Creative: The icon that shows originality and goes out of the box.
Best Emotion: The icon that has the conveys the most emotions.
Best Colour: This icon doesn't have to be colourful. It may be that you feel it stands out because it is bright & vivid or maybe faded. It just stands out because of the colours the maker used.
Best Text: This icon could be the icon that you believe has the best caption (it's funny, witty, creative etc.) or it could be the best placing of the text.
Best Image: This icon creativally uses the best image to satisfy the challenge theme
Moderator's Choice: The icon that stands out to the Mod the most. This is done every week.

If you wish to be affiliates with frh_icontest, please message chinatown on livejournal. Make the subject "Affiliates @ LJ" and then just put your community or journal name in the email and I will email you back with a response =D

Promotion Banners:

Week 1:Winners, Banners
Week 2:Winners, Banners
Week 3:Winners, Banners
Week 4:Winners, Banners
Week 5:Winners, Banners
Week 6:Winners, Banners
Week 7:Winners, Banners
Week 8:Winners, Banners
Week 9:Winners, Banners
Week 10:Winners, Banners
Week 11:Winners, Banners
Week 12:Winners, Banners
Week 13:Winners, Banners
Week 14:Winners, Banners
Week 15:Winners, Banners
Week 16:Winners, Banners
Week 17:Winners, Banners
Week 18:Winners, Banners
Week 19:Winners, Banners
Week 20:Winners, Banners
Week 21:Winners
Week 22:Winners, Banners
Week 23:Winners

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hearts;;; Header: sweetlysublime
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♥;; Promotion Banners: sweetscraze